Jack Moffitt


“Growing up we had a stereo that only played the one speaker. All my favourite records were echoed voices and tambourines, a guitar in space, some drums. When I was eight I found my parents’ cassette player. It had an inbuilt microphone, and I would yell into the mic and distort the tape, push the cassettes while I recorded my voice, transport myself into outer space… slowly I wondered what making records could be: honest, candid moments or grand illusions, or both?
My view of making records is simple: It has to be sparse, but full. It should be tight, but it has to be honest. It should sound great, it should be exciting. Few ideas you can think up aren’t worth trying, and I don’t favour retro or newer methods. If it excites a moment and that moment is recorded, then it was worth it.
I produced and mixed ‘Is This How You Feel?’ for The Preatures. I’ve also worked with upcoming acts Hot Spoke, Jack River, The Tambourine Girls (featuring members of Deep Sea Arcade), and Jesse Davidson. I co-write in The Preatures, and have also co-written with Megan Washington, and composed for film.”

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