Getting that perfect balance of tones and dynamics in a mix is at the core of a great record. REC Studios has a successful tradition of pairing great talent with superior studios to give your music best possible result. If you have listened to any mainstream radio anywhere in the world, you are probably already familiar with our work. We offer two levels of mixing packages, both in front of Studio M’s lavish 40 channel SSL E series console, an ever expanding arsenal of lush vintage outboard combined the most state of the art Apogee audio converters, as well as reel to reel tape saturation should your song require that extra analog sizzle.

Attended Mix: Engineers will prep mixes and spend a day in the studio mixing with you, provide stems and liaise with mastering engineers.
After hours unattended: An off peak mix service which features the same service as an attended mix but will be scheduled around other studio sessions at a reduced rate.

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